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Welcome to Mirai Legal

Mirai Legal® is an intellectual property and commercial law firm based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Xuveo Legal is now Mirai Legal

We are excited to announce that from January 2024, Xuveo Legal has rebranded to Mirai Legal.

Read our rebranding announcement here

Legal Solutions

We deliver legal solutions in the following areas:

Intellectual Property Law

Commercial Law

What is Intellectual Property (IP)?

Intellectual property (IP) is a property that arises from intellectual endeavours. IP typically protects the expression of an idea or a creative output.

The main recognised types of intellectual property are:

Each of these types has a different function and achieves different objectives. The legal rights and obligations attaching to each type also differ.

Does my business have Intellectual Property?

We believe that almost every business either generates or uses intellectual property in some way. In many cases, a business will do both.

We also believe that it is important to recognise, identify and protect that IP.

It's important to identify the points where IP may impact a business and develop a strategy to manage those inputs:

  • If a business generates IP, how does it protect that IP?
  • If it uses a third party‚Äôs IP, how does it ensure that use is proper and legal?

Why Choose Mirai Legal?

  • Intellectual property is our focus — not an "add-on"
  • Multi-disciplinary, collaborative and practical approach — we work with your team, and other allied professionals such as accountants, patent attorneys, designers and branding agencies
  • Independently recognised as a leading intellectual property law firm in Queensland
Contact us today to see how we can assist you.
Mirai Legal has been listed as a Recommended Law Firm - Intellectual Property (Queensland) in Doyle's Guide.
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Ben Thorn

Intellectual Property, Trade Marks and Commercial Lawyer | Legal Practitioner Director | LLB (hons) BA GradDip LP

With over 17 years of experience gained in boutique commercial and intellectual property firms, I bring a multidisciplinary approach to legal practice.

I am passionate about delivering successful outcomes and helping clients realise the full potential of their important and valuable IP assets.

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