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Get in the Game with Intellectual Property - World IP Day 2019

Running a business can be like managing a sports team.

Intellectual property is a key tool to help businesses thrive. So, how can you leverage IP in your business to get in the game?

Get a Coach

From elite athletes to kids sporting clubs, the value of a good coach is recognised. A coach provides expertise, support, advice, ideas and training to help the players be at the peak of their game.

In business, a good coach is critical. Many businesses rely upon accountants and business advisers to navigate, but do you need an IP coach?

A trusted IP professional can provide your business with insight, support and advice to:

  • identify and protect the IP your business creates;
  • manage the IP your business uses;
  • avoid IP pitfalls, traps and mistakes;
  • navigate the sea of third-party IP rights.

Plan your Strategy

Strategy is the key to that next move that will keep your opponents guessing.

Sporting teams invest hours into preparation for game day to focus on their goals, and develop the strategies and fitness they need to succeed.

Businesses too can develop and leverage an intellectual property strategy to protect their assets, stay ahead of the competition and plan for the future in an ever-changing environment.

The right intellectual property, protected in the right way, can add value to your business and give it the edge.


Nobody wins the title by sitting on the bench.

Is it time for your business to step up to the plate and begin to maximise your intellectual property opportunities?

Image Credit: WIPO


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