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How to Apply for your Director ID Number (DIN)

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Update: On , the ABRS announced a compliance amnesty until for directors to apply for their Director ID Numbers. ABRS and ASIC are now undertaking compliance actions.

All directors of Australian companies and registered bodies are now required to apply for a Director ID Number or DIN.

Now that the rollout deadline has passed and compliance action is underway, it is strongly recommended that all existing directors — and any individual who intends to become a director within the next 12 months — take immediate steps to apply for their DIN.

Strict penalties may apply for failing to comply with the requirement.

Rollout deadline passed

Under the original rollout timeline, directors had until to apply for their Director ID Number. The ABRS estimated that as at the expiry of the deadline 700,000 directors had yet to apply for their DIN.

The Australian Business Registry Service (ABRS) initially extended a compliance amnesty until , stating:

The ABRS will not apply compliance resources to determine whether individuals met their director ID obligations by if they apply for a director ID by .

Whilst penalties or offences can apply, the community can expect ABRS to take a reasonable approach to support people to apply.

(Note: Extended deadlines may also apply to directors of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations)

Compliance Action now underway

ASIC and the ABRS are now undertaking compliance and enforcement action against non-compliant directors, including "please explain" interviews and the imposition of penalties.

How to Apply for your DIN

The ATO has released a Video with further guidance.

If you are eligible to hold a Director ID, you'll need to follow the process below to apply for your DIN. Unfortunately, the process involves many steps, and generally requires access to your own smartphone or tablet.

Importantly, the DIN process can only be completed by the individual director personally. It is not possible for an agent (such as a lawyer, accountant or tax agent) to apply for a DIN on anyone's behalf.

While it is possible to apply for a DIN on paper or over the phone, this guide only covers the online steps. Foreign directors without access to Australian identity documents may need to apply for their DIN over the phone or by using the paper process.

For more information about the Director ID Number regime, and the deadlines, please read our related post.

Step 1: Check your eligibility

An individual is eligible to apply for a DIN if they are, or intend to become, a Director (including an Alternate Director) of an Australian company.

However, you will not be eligible to apply for a DIN if:

  • you are not eligible to be a director (eg individuals aged under 18 years)
  • you are disqualified from acting as a director of a company (either in Australia or overseas); or
  • you already hold a DIN (it is an offence to knowingly apply for more than one DIN).
Step 2: Gather the Identity Verification Documents you'll need

Before you begin, you'll need access to the following documents or information.

To set up the myGovID App (if not already completed), you'll need two or more of the following Australian identity documents:

  • Australian driver's licence or learner's permit
  • Australian passport (current or expired within the last 3 years)
  • Australian government-issued foreign visa
  • Australian citizenship certificate
  • Medicare Card
  • Australian state or territory government-issued birth certificate
  • Immicard

To apply for your DIN, you'll need the following documents and information:

  • Australian tax file number (TFN)
  • Residential Address (matching your records held by the ATO)
  • Information from two or more of the following:
    • bank account details
    • ATO Notice of Assessment
    • superannuation account details
    • dividend statement
    • Centrelink payment summary
    • PAYG payment summary
Step 3: Set up and activate the myGovID App

If you have already set up the myGovID App, you can skip to the next step.

The myGovID App is an Australian Government identification service which can be used to sign in to many government websites and portals. (The myGovID App is not the same as the well-known myGov portal.)

To set up your myGovID, you will need to download and install the myGovID App on your smartphone or tablet.

The myGovID App must be linked to an active email address (Note: The government recommends using a private email to which you will have permanent access, rather than using a shared email address or an email address provided by your employer or internet service provider).

Once the app is installed, create an account using your full name and date of birth. (Note: The name you provide should exactly match the details in your ATO records.)

Initially, the myGovID Account will have Basic "Identity Strength". To apply for a DIN, you will need to update the "Identity Strength" to at least Standard.

This can be done by verifying at least two identity documents from the list at Step 2 above.

Visit the myGovID website for further details and instructions to download and set up the myGovID App.

Step 4: Apply for your DIN

Once your myGovID App is set up, you can apply for your DIN.

DIN Applications are processed by Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS).

  1. To begin, visit the ABRS Website.

    Click Apply for your director ID.

    Screenshot of ABRS Website - Apply for Your Director ID
    ABRS Website - Apply for your Director ID

    Then scroll down, and click Apply now with myGovID.

    Screenshot of Button - Apply now with myGovID
    DIN Application - Apply Now Button
  2. Launching the application will require you to sign-in with your myGovID App.

    On the first screen, enter your email address and click Login to continue.

    Screenshot of myGovID login screen
    MyGovID Login Screen
  3. You will then see a myGovID App code prompt.

    Screenshot of myGovID login code prompt
    MyGovID Login Prompt Screen

    Open the myGovID App on your smartphone or device and enter the code to complete your log in.

    You will then be taken back to the DIN Application.

    (Note: If you already hold a DIN, the application will display an error message. You are not able to apply for multiple DINs.)

  4. Accept the terms and conditions of use and privacy notice.

    Screenshot of DIN Application - Getting Started Screen
    DIN Application - Getting Started Screen
  5. ABRS will confirm your full name and date of birth against the ATO Records.

    Screenshot of DIN Application - Your Details Screen
    DIN Application - Your Details Screen
  6. Enter verification information from your documents (See Step 2 above)

    Screenshot of DIN Application - VOI Confirmation Screen
    DIN Application - VOI Confirmation Screen
  7. Confirm your eligibility to hold a DIN and acknowledgement of Corporations Act obligations.

    Screenshot of DIN Application - Confirm Eligibility Screen
    DIN Application - Confirm Eligibility Screen
  8. Confirm your full name and date of birth. Then enter any previous names and your country and place of birth.

    Screenshot of DIN Application - Applicant Details Screen
    DIN Application - Applicant Details screen

    Enter your residential address details.

    Screenshot of DIN Application - Applicant Details, Residential Address Screen
    DIN Application - Applicant Details, Residential Address Screen

    Enter a preferred postal address (if different from your residential address).

    Screenshot of DIN Application - Applicant Details, Postal Address Screen
    DIN Application - Applicant Details, Postal Address Screen

    Enter your contact details (phone numbers and email address).

    Screenshot of DIN Application - Applicant Details, Contact Details Screen
    DIN Application - Applicant Details, Contact Details Screen

    Finally, check the declaration and click Submit.

    Screenshot of DIN Application - Declaration Screen
    DIN Application - Declaration Screen
  9. When complete your Director ID Number will be displayed. Make sure to keep a copy in your records.

    Screenshot of DIN Applicaiton Success Screen
    DIN Application - Success Screen

Step 5: Using your DIN

Once you have your DIN, you should keep it secure in a safe place. A DIN is sensitive information, so it should be treated confidentially. Your DIN should only be disclosed to trusted persons. Offences and penalties may apply to misuse of DIN information.

You may need to notify any existing companies to which you are appointed that you have applied for and hold a DIN. They may ask you to provide them with a copy.

If you are appointed as a director of a new company, you may be asked to confirm that you hold a DIN and/or provide the company with a copy.

Remember that the usual director obligations continue to apply, including the requirement to adhere to statutory directors' duties, and notify the company, ASIC and/or other government agencies of any changes or updates to your contact details.

Cover Image Credit: Jan Huber via Unsplash.

This post is intended for general information only and is not intended to constitute legal advice. You should obtain appropriate professional advice for your circumstances or contact us for further assistance.


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