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IP Australia's new beta eServices Platform - Video

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IP Australia has launched its new beta eServices Platform. We log in to test drive the new features.


Hi there, it's Ben Thorn from Mirai Legal.

Today, we're going to have a look at IP Australia's new beta version of their eServices platform.

This is a beta version. It's planned to replace the existing eServices platform.

As a word of warning, I wouldn't recommend using this for production use or for existing IP Rights.

It's probably best to stick with the existing eServices Platform.

So, let's log in and have a look at some of the features.

You log in with your existing eServices Account. There's no need to set up a new account at this stage.

Once you're logged in, you'll see this is the Dashboard Page.

IP Australia is populating new features into the platform over time, so in the coming weeks and months we should expect to see full functionality rolling out in this Platform.

At the moment, there's only a Quick Task on the right to renew an existing trade mark.

But as mentioned, they will be rolling out new feature over the course of the beta program.

For all other services, I would recommend you use the existing eServices Platform.

In the top, you've got your Ribbon with your Dashboard Page, which is this one.

There is an IP Portfolio link which we'll go to next.

The IP Portfolio Page shows you a list of your existing IP Rights that are linked up to your eServices Account.

At the moment it just displays a list, there's no functionality here.

It will show you a list of the IP Rights and a brief status of each one.

There is a Filing History tab here, which will show you any lodgements that you've made using this system.

The existing eServices lodgements haven't been migrated over into this platform as yet.

And finally we have the Inbox, which is the communications platform for IP Australia.

When IP Australia sends you a notification regarding one of your IP Rights, it will show up here.

You can simply view them in chronological order and download the PDF of the communication as you need to.

There are filters and searchability as well, to filter out unread items or specific IP Right Types.

Trade marks, designs and patents.

You can also search by IP Right Number if you have that.

So that's been a quick fly over of IP Australia's new Beta eServices Platform.

Over the coming the months it will be rolling out with full functionality and eventually it will replace the existing eServices Account.

I think it's great to see IP Australia investing in some modernisation of the platform.

Hopefully it will provide a user-friendly and streamlined experience for users in the future.



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