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Payment Plans

These Terms apply to payment plans where offered by Mirai Legal and should be read in conjunction with our main Website Terms and Privacy Policy.
They are also subject to our Terms of Retainer and Costs Agreement, which are supplied upon engagement for the relevant legal services.
  1. General

    1. Introduction

      1. Payment Plans are available to approved clients who are offered and accept a Payment Plan. Eligibility will be determined by Mirai Legal at its sole discretion.

      2. Participating clients agree to these Terms, which will apply for the duration of the Payment Plan subscription.

      3. Mirai Legal will have the right to withdraw any Payment Plan at any any time at its sole discretion.

      4. Payment Plans may be subject to application of a payment surcharge. The amount or rate of the payment surcharge will be displayed as part of the Payment Plan subscription.

      5. Payment Plans will only cover professional fees. Trust account deposits and disbursements are not eligible for Payment Plans unless otherwise expressly approved by us.

      6. Payment Plans are processed by Pinch Payments. Mirai Legal does not receive or store payment card information, but may receive cardholder information and partial payment card details for evidence and transaction verification purposes.

    2. Termination

      1. A Payment Plan will automatically terminate:

        1. immediately upon receipt of the final payment instalment;

        2. if any payment is dishonoured, declined or charged back, and any payment re-attempt is also unsuccessful; or

        3. if the participating client cancels the Payment Plan subscription by notifying us in writing, or via their payment method provider.

      2. If a Payment Plan is terminated due to default or cancellation by the participating client, any remaining balance due will become immediately payable to Mirai Legal.

      3. Subject to our Terms of Retainer and/or Costs Agreement, we may charge interest on any outstanding payments as permitted by the Legal Profession Act 2007 (Qld).

      4. We may also charge any dishonour fees or dispute costs we incur as a result of an unsuccessful payment.

  2. Fortnightly x4 Payment Plan

      1. The "Fortnightly x4 Payment Plan" will apply to payment of existing invoice(s) approved by Mirai Legal for eligible clients.

      2. To participate, the eligible client will receive an email containing a Payment Plan subscription offer and must:

        1. provide a payment method and other contact details, as required; and

        2. complete all other required steps to subscribe to the Payment Plan.

      3. If the eligible client does not complete the Payment Plan subscription before the offer expires, the subscription offer is automatically withdrawn, but may be reissued by Mirai Legal at our sole discretion.

      4. The Fortnightly x4 Payment Plan consists of 4x equal instalments, with each instalment amounting to 25% of the total invoice balance plus any applied payment surcharges.

      5. The first instalment commences immediately upon the eligible client's acceptance of the Payment Plan subscription. Subsequent instalments will be charged via direct debit to the eligible client's payment method each fortnight thereafter until the Payment Plan is completed.

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