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Legal Solutions

Mirai Legal delivers legal solutions in a range intellectual property and commercial law areas.

The practice of law is now increasingly specialised and we have invested in developing our focus in these areas.

We are a trusted resource for many law firms who do not practise in the IP space.

We also develop referral and consulting pathways with law firms and other professionals to share our expertise and provide clients with access to resources beyond our own focus areas.

Intellectual Property Law

Commercial Law

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) is a set of legal rights that protect creative works. There are numerous types of intellectual property, including trade marks, copyright, patents, designs and confidential information.

Almost every business will either generate, or use, intellectual property, so it’s imperative to understand how IP interacts with your business.

We assist with advice on intellectual property, which may include taking steps to identify and protect your IP rights and ensuring your business correctly uses third party IP rights to avoid the risk of infringement.

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Trade Marks

A trade mark is an intellectual property right that protects your brand. Trade marks can protect distinctive names, logos, colours, shapes and more.

Registering a trade mark gives the owner statutory protections and exclusivity over the registered trade mark for the goods and services registered.

We assist with all aspects of the trade mark process from advice on strategy and new applications through to renewal, maintenance, defence and enforcement.

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Copyright protects the expression contained in creative works. Copyright protection can subsist in literary, musical, artistic and dramatic works and other media such as computer programs, sound recordings and films.

In Australia, copyright protection is automatic and does not require registration to achieve protection. The copyright owner has statutory exclusive rights to reproduce the copyright works.

We assist with advice on copyright protection and enforcement.

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Confidential Information

Protecting confidential information and trade secrets can be critical to business viability. Whether it’s a business idea, commercial negotiation, invention or secret formula, having adequate protection is vital. In some cases, disclosure can be fatal to the ability to protect or register an IP Right.

We assist with advice on Non-Disclosure Agreements, developing confidential information protection strategies and enforcement.

Commercial Law

Corporate Structures

The right corporate structure for a business is important to success. The structure must balance risk management, asset protection, flexibility, tax optimisation and the needs and objectives of the business stakeholders.

We assist in planning and implementing corporate structures with a multi-disciplinary approach. We also attend to administrative governance including company registration and ASIC lodgements.

Commercial Contracts

A well-prepared contract can clearly set out the rights, responsibilities and expectations of parties to a transaction.

We assist with advice, preparation and negotiation in a wide range of commercial contracts including supplier agreements, terms and conditions, licences.

Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

The PPSR is a register of security interests. To effectively protect an asset, such as goods sold on credit, or leased to a third party, it is often necessary to register a PPSR security interest. Mirai Legal can assist with preparing the necessary supporting contracts and effecting PPSR registrations.

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Commercial Disputes

Unfortunately, there are times when disputes arise.

We assist with a range of commercial dispute matters, such as breach of contract, debt recovery, and intellectual property infringement claims.

We proactively work towards resolution of disputes through various options including mediation, negotiation and litigation.

Stakeholder & Shareholder Governance

If your business takes on investors or partners, stakeholder governance is an important component to address. It’s prudent to decide on ownership, control, voting, decision-making, contributions and exit strategies early on. Failing to make these critical decisions can lead to costly disputes.

We assist with preparation of stakeholder term sheets, shareholder agreements, joint venture agreements and constitutional documents to record the relationship between stakeholders in the corporate structure.



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